Product Development Analytics Expert

Nabil Raad is the former Director of Product Development Analytics at Ford Motor Company. In this capacity, Nabil lead the development of analytical solutions and decision-support capabilities that support the design and engineering of Ford and Lincoln vehicles. This included diverse applications such as virtual testing, quality management, and process innovation. Previously, Nabil was the Director of Enterprise Risk. Other Ford roles include Director of Ford Credit’s Global Business Center in India, Regional Risk Director for Asia-Pacific and Africa based in Australia, Pricing Analytics Manager, and Portfolio Manager for North America. Prior to joining Ford, Nabil held various positions in the Financial Services industry and consulting that include Chief Information Officer, Head of Quality Analytics, and Vice President of Business and Technology Innovation.

Nabil has extensive experience in the field of Complex Adaptive Systems where he has largely focused on developing transformative strategies that shape and shift the behavior of social-technical systems across many disciplines. Nabil holds BS in Computer Science, a MBA, and PhD in Industrial and Systems Engineering. Nabil has extensive teaching and speaking experience in areas related to organizational science, simulation, computer science, and leadership. He serves as a global mentor across several organizations.