8:00AM | 2nd Floor & Ballroom
Event Registration & Breakfast

Attendees can check-in at the registration table located on the 2nd Floor of the Student Center Building at the north end of the building. Continental Breakfast will be available to all registered attendees located near the main ballroom.

MLflow is an incredible open-source tool that offers excellent solutions to tracking each iteration of machine learning application, comparing each run, then packaging up the top-performing model and implementing the model. This tool reinforces model development best practices and provides excellent, easily implemented support. In this tutorial, we will review model development best practices, then spend time implementing MLflow with hands-on practice of the open-source tools.

Speaker: Mary Willcock

Coming from a non-traditional background, Mary worked in the financial industry for ten years prior to continuing her education at Northwestern University with a Master’s degree in Data Science specializing in Analytics and Modeling. As a Data Scientist, Mary has worked in the Education Technology and Retail industries and now at Talavant Mary is building the data science part of the consultant practice and gaining experience in a wide variety of industries and projects. Mary values effective solutions that can make a real difference in the way business is run. With a passion for learning, Mary works to stay at the forefront of data science, always learning more about implementing AI techniques and building an organization from hindsight to foresight through data.

Mary Willcock, Data Scientist & Architect @ Talavant

The performance of machine learning approaches is heavily dependent on the choice and quality of data representation. Deep learning is part of a broader family of machine learning methods based on learning meaningful and effective data representations, as opposed to feature engineering. This tutorial aims to provide a path for a deep neural networks newcomer to gain some understanding of this vast and complex topic. To facilitate a real understanding of deep learning, basic machine learning theory and concepts will also be covered to some degree. Finally, we will present some interesting applications of deep learning in speech and image analysis, developed in Machine Vision and Pattern Recognition Lab. at Wayne State University.

Speaker: Dr. Ming Dong

Ming Dong received his B. S. degrees in electrical engineering and industrial management engineering from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai, China, in 1995. He received his Ph. D degree in electrical engineering from University of Cincinnati in 2001. He is currently a professor in the Department Computer Science and the co-director of the Data Science and Business Analytics program and the Big Data & Business Analytics Group at Wayne State University. He is also the director of the Machine Vision and Pattern Recognition Lab. Dr. Dong’s areas of research include deep learning, data mining, and computer vision with applications in health informatics and automotive industry. His research is funded by National Science Foundation, National Institutes of Health, State of Michigan, Private Foundations (e.g., Michigan Health Endorsement Fund, Epilepsy Foundation) and Industries (e.g., APB Investment, Ford Motor Company). He has published over 100 technical articles in premium journals and conferences in related fields, e.g., TMM, TPAMI, TKDE, TNN, TVCG, TC, IEEE CVPR, IEEE ICCV, IEEE ICDM, ACM MM, AMIA and WWW. He is/was an associate editor of Statistical Analysis and Data Mining, the American Statistical Association (ASA) Data Science Journal (since 2018), Journal of Smart Health (Since 2016), IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks (2008-2011), and Pattern Analysis and Applications (2007-2010), and served in many conference program committees and US National Science Foundation panels. He also served as senior research consultant in Baidu Inc. in 2008.

Dr. Ming Dong, Professor, Machine Vision and Pattern Recognition Lab @ Wayne State University
12:00PM - 2:00PM | Ballroom
Tutorial Luncheon

All enterprises want to be data-driven, however, most businesses seem to struggle with the basics. This introductory hands-on workshop will expose the audience to basic best practices on how to deep-dive into data sets, exploit traditional databases, apply basic machine learning and AI methods, and analyze trends for business insights. Participants will receive instructions around any necessary software installation in advance of the workshop to come prepared for the hands-on activities.

Speaker: Adam Yatooma

Adam is a Customer Engineer with the Google Cloud Platform team and helps customers transform and evolve their business through the use of Google’s global network, web-scale data centers and software infrastructure. He has over a decade of experience in software consulting and sales.

Adam Yatooma, Customer Engineer @ Google Cloud Platform

Learn why the truly open source HPCC Systems platform is Better at Big Data and learn how ECL can empower you to build powerful data queries all while indulging your passion for music. Anyone who needs a basic familiarity of the platform and wants to learn best practices with the easy to learn, declarative ECL language should attend. This workshop will take the student through the data extraction, transformation and delivery cycle using HPCC Systems and ECL. Code examples and hands-on lessons will be included. A public dataset based on the Million Song Dataset and other auxiliary data will be used.

Class Prerequisites – Bring your laptop for this hands-on learning workshop: Course includes thumb drive which included data, code and documentation as well as connection to an AWS cluster.

Speaker: Bob Foreman

Bob Foreman has worked with LexisNexis and the open source big data HPCC Systems technology platform and the ECL programming language for more than 9 years, and has been a technical trainer for more than 25 years. He is the developer and designer of the HPCC Systems Online Training Courses, and is the Senior Instructor for all classroom and remote training. This includes: Introduction to ECL (Part 1 and 2) – Concepts and Queries, the Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) Process, Advanced ECL (Part 1 and 2) – Working with Relational Data, Super files, Working with XML, and Free-form Text Parsing, ROXIE ECL – Indexes and Queries, Complex Query Development, and Applied ECL – ECL Code Generation Tools.

Bob Foreman, Senior Software Engineer, LexisNexis Risk Solutions
8:00AM - 9:30AM | Main Hallway
Event Registration & Breakfast

Attendees can check-in at the registration table located on the 2nd Floor of the Student Center Building at the north end of the building. Continental Breakfast will be available to all registered attendees located near the main ballroom.

Ratna Babu Chinnam, Co-Director, Big Data & Analytics Group, Wayne State University
Keith Whitfield, Provost, Wayne State University
Patrick Gossman, Deputy CIO for Research, Wayne State University
Daren Hubbard, Chief Information Officer, Wayne State University

“Factory of Future – Center of Excellence: University, Industry and Government Collaboration”

Speaker: Noman Husain, Founder at TRANSFORMability

TRANSFORMability is a non-traditional transformation platform providing simple but effective solutions to enhance people & business performance leveraging organizational DNA to drive innovation and improvement.

“Getting Your Business Digital Transformation Right”

Thierry Pellegrino

Thierry Pellegrino is the Head of Business Strategy for the Server Infrastructure Solutions organization at Dell EMC and GM for the HPC business. A 22-year Dell Veteran, Thierry is an experienced Executive with a background in Engineering, Go to Market, Technology M&A and Strategy. During his tenure at Dell, he led the first Dell Converged Infrastructure Product (M1000e), assembled the Global OEM Custom Engineering organization, was in charge of Technology Strategy for the Merger between Dell and EMC and now has responsibility over the Global HPC business for Dell EMC and the Business Strategy and Transformation for the overall $20B+ Server Infrastructure Solutions group.

In his current role he leads all aspects of the Global HPC business for Dell EMC (Engineering across the entire portfolio, Product Management, GTM and enablement), he also forms and shapes the business strategy direction for multiple value chain organizations tied to the Server Infrastructure Solutions business within Dell for the next 5-10 years, working closely with the Product teams and the CTO organization.

Thierry reports directly to Ashley Gorakhpurwalla – GM and President Server Infrastructure Solutions Dell EMC. Thierry has a strong global background – born and raised in France, he also speaks 5 languages. He spent his last 22 years in Austin, Texas where he currently lives.

Thierry Pellegrino, VP & GM for AI / HPC @ Dell
11:00AM-11:30AM | Main Hallway & Room 285 (near Ballroom)
Coffee Break / Vendor Displays / Networking / Poster Session
Hilberry A
Hilberry C
Hilberry D
“AI Business Applications at Ford”

Bryan Goodman, PhD, Senior Manager, GDIA
Ford Motor Company

“AI Talent in the Economy: Insights on Skills and Diversity Using LinkedIn Data”

Elizabeth Wilke, Global Lead of Future of Work

“Geospatial Landscape to Analyze Predicted Demand: The Convergence of Mapping and Big Data with Azure Dev Ops”

Dwayne Newsome, Data Engineering Manager
Kyle Valade, Senior Data Engineer
Joe Haggerty, Data Scientist

“Strategic Automotive Product Development for CO2 Emissions Compliance using Big Data”

Peter Varma, Associate Director of Product Engineering
IHS Markit

“Staying Human in the Age of Data”

Subu Desaraju, EVP – Head of Performance, N.A.

“Using PostgreSQL in your Cloud Platform”

Kerry Schaffer, Sr. Director of IT
OneMagnify, 2020 Pivotal Vanguard



“Big Data and Machine Learning and Amazon’s Scale to Block Unsolicited Emails/Messages”

Sasikanth Pagadrai, Data Engineer

Chelsea Prush, Product Manager

“Leveraging R and R-Shiny for your Business Science Landscape”

Alok Rahod, Director
Deep Devdhara, Customer Success Team
Sudhakar Samak, Customer Success Team

12:30PM-12:45PM | Main Hallway
Coffee Break / Networking
Hilberry A Hilberry B Hilberry C Hilberry D
google company logo microsoft company logo Mark III Systems
donyati company logo Qlik Confluent
1:30PM - 1:45PM | Main Hallway
Coffee Break / Networking
Hilberry A
Hilberry B
Hilberry C
Hilberry D
“Comau’s Way to IoT and AI: Building the Factory of the Future, Now”

Paolo Avagliano, Head of Digital Platforms

“Using predictive AI, business analytics and enterprise forecasting in high-rates of change such as during M&A and divestitures”

Rudy Ferrara, Director of Data Science and Applied Analytics
Mike Schmitz, Director of Global Financial Systems

“Lesion Detection and Classification using Multiparametric MRI with Deep Learning”

Ning Wen, PhD, Director of Clinical Physics
Henry Ford Health System

“Deep Learning Empowering Edge IoT Data Analytics in Real-time”

Amir Bahmanyari, AI/DA Advisory Engineer
Dell Technologies

“Next Generation Big Data Ecosystems”

Brett Vermette, Global Director Big Data &HPC Infrastructure & Engineering
General Motors

“Designing a Value-Driven Strategy for Data & Analytics”

Luis Guerra Alvarado, Director of Business Analytics for International Operations
GM Financial

“Revealing Adverse Events in Medicine Using Social Media and NLP”

Richard Bryant, Senior Data Scientist
MMS Holdings

“ML Based Modeling in Predicting Milestones during Foreclosure Proceedings”

Mohan Jayaraman, Head of IoT Analytics
Seetharaman CG, CTO

“Caterpillar IoT Analytics: Improving Customer Success with Telematics Data”

Daniel Reaume, Chief Analytics Officer
Andrei Khurshudov, Director of Advanced IoT Analytics

“Anticipating Member Needs – Experiments at Credit Union ONE”

Seetharaman Swaminathan, Senior VP & Chief Data Officer
Credit Union One

“HPCaaS – Lessons From a Healthcare Leader”

Chris Brogan, VP of Sales
Mark III / HPE


Presenter Name, Title

2:45PM - 3:15PM | Main Hallway
Coffee Break / Vendor Displays / Networking
Hilberry A
Hilberry C
Hilberry D
“Using Organizational Network Analysis (ONA) to support workplace adjacency planning and improved employee communications”

Scott Hemphill, Systems Engineer & Process Owner
General Motors

“DRiV’s Journey to Business Intelligence”

Krystle Modina, Global Warranty & Data Analytics Engineer

“B2B Sales Analytics with BI & AI”

Raj Polanki, Head of Analytics and Data Science
Wacker Chemical Corporation

“High Speed Modeling Service (HSMS)”

Mike Spadafore, Manager
Ford Motor Company
Naiel Samaan, Manager

“Gaps in Enterprise Analytics: Don’t Get Blindsided”

Parth Shah, Director of FDL Outcomes
General Electric


Monica Kedzierski, Senior Director of Digital Analytics and Automation
Harman International

“IoT telematics Data: Big Data Insight from the vehicle to the customer”

Moe Saleh, Principal Data Scientist
Oshkosh Corporation

“Getting AI and ML concepts into production: Lessons learned from multiple failures”

Beaumont Vance, Head of AI, Data Science and Emerging Technology
TD Ameritrade

“Application of Analytics to Drive Value on the Shop Floor”

Jeff Sutter, Global Director, I&CIM
Nexteer Automotive

Moderator: Dr. Ratna Babu Chinnam, Co-Director, AI, Big Data & Analytics Group, Wayne State University

Company Panel Member
Kerry Schaffer, Senior Director of IT & 2020 Pivotal Vanguard
Dejan Mitkovski, Head of Analytics – Auto
Nick Ilitch, Chief Strategy Officer
Nabil Raad, VP of Data Science
5:15PM - 8:00PM | Ballroom
Closing Remarks / Prize Drawings / Networking Reception