Call for Research Posters

8th Annual Big Data & Analytics Summit
Research Poster Session

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The posters will be displayed throughout the summit with formal presentation at 10:45am-11:45am on Friday, March 17th in Room 285 of the Student Center Building. This session allows our faculty/student research groups to showcase the big data tools, capabilities, and projects to industry attendees. As a bonus the lead student for each poster gets a free registration to the summit!

We are putting together a great program for our 8th Annual Big Data & Analytics Summit to be held on March 16-17, 2023 at Wayne State University.

We have historically had a “Poster Session” within the program that allowed our faculty groups to showcase our big data tools, capabilities, or projects to industry participants. The poster session runs during the summit. Beyond the visibility, we also allow the lead student for the poster free registration to the summit!

If your group would like to submit any posters, please email with the TITLE for the poster, three-line ABSTRACT, and the AUTHORS by March 1st so that we can include their information in our marketing efforts. There has to be good alignment between the poster and the theme of the summit: Big Data and/or Analytics. Poster topics and abstracts will be screened for alignment.

We will manage the process for getting your posters printed and mounted. Your teams need to submit the FINAL posters by March 8th to The template for the posters can be found AI, Big Data & Analytics Summit Poster – TEMPLATE.

Big Data & Analytics Research Poster Session

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This 2-day event was designed to attract an audience of decision-makers from IT, product development, manufacturing, marketing, and supply chain divisions, primarily from the Midwest. We encourage participation from a range of industries, including manufacturing, automotive, banking, finance, insurance, health care and governmental sectors.

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