Research Poster Session

6th Annual Big Data & Analytics Summit
Research Poster Session

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The poster session runs throughout the summit with formal presentation at 9:30am-10:30am on Friday, March 22nd in Room 285 of the Student Center Building. This session allows our faculty/student research groups to showcase the big data tools, capabilities, and projects to industry attendees. As a bonus the lead student for each poster gets a free registration to the summit! Did you miss a posters at the Summit or did you run out of time to read all of the information? You can download our 2019 WSU Big Data & Analytics Summit - Research Posters Collection.

  • Characterizing Customer Choice for Product Introduction and Assortment Management

Authors: Elham Nosrat, Ratna Babu Chinnam, Evrim Dalkiran

(Department of Industrial Engineering, Wayne State university)


  • Dynamic Task Assignment for Coordination of Inpatient Operations in Hospitals

Authors: Najibe Sadati, Ratna Babu Chinnam, Evrim Dalkiran, Alper Murat

(Department of Industrial and sysytem Engineering, Wayne State University)


  • Big Data Application in Reliability Analysis

Authors: Mohammad Aminisharifabad, Qingyu Yang

(Department of Industrial and system Engineering, Wayne State University)


  • Communities and Crime: From Big Data to Big Insights

Authors: Oluwatoba Osoba, Leslie Monplaisir, Celestine Aguwa

(Department of Industrial & system Engineering, Wayne State University)


  • ED Patient Disposition Prediction using NLP and Deep Learning

Authors : Alex Vucenovic, Ratna Babu Chinnam

(Department of Industrial and System Engineering , Wayne State University)


  • Machine Learning Approach for Detection of Clostridium difficile Toxins in Stool by Raman Spectroscopy

Authors: S. Kiran Koya, Sally Yurgelevic, Michelle Brusatori, Changhe Huang, Lawrence N. Diebel, Gregory W. Auner.

(School of Medicine, Wayne State University)


  • Deep Learning Models for Text  Classification Under Extreme Label Noise

Authors : Ishan Jindal1,   Daniel Pressel2,  Brian Lester2,Matthew Nokleby1 , Harpreet Singh 1

(1-Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering , Wayne State University,  2- Interactions LLC)


  • A Deep Learning Approach to Mitigate Latency in Surgical Teleoperation.

Authors: Parinaz Farajiparvar, Abhilash Pandya

(Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, Wayne State University)



  • SecDATAVIEW: Secure Big Data Analytics Platform

Authors: Saeid Mofrad, Ishtiaq Ahmed, Shiyong Lu, Fengwei Zhang

(Department of Computer Science, Wayne State University)


  • A Local Path Based Optimal Scheduling Algorithm for Deadline Constrained Big Data Workflows in the Cloud

Authors:  Changxin Bai 1, Shiyong Lu 1; Ishtiaq Ahmed 1; Dunren Che 2; Aravind Mohan3

(1-Department of Computer Science, Wayne State University , 2- Southern Illinois University , 3- Allegheny College )


  • Distributed K-means Workflow

Authors : Ishtiaq Ahmed, Saeid Mofrad, Shiyong Lu, Changxin Bai

(Department of Computer Science, Wayne State University)


  • Genetic and Environmental Effects on Vascular Endothelium Gene Regulation and Cardiovascular Traits

Authors : Anthony S Findley1, Allison L Richards1, Cristiano Petrini1, Alexander S Shanku1, Adnan Alazizi1, Elizabeth Doman1, Omar Davis1, Nancy Hauff2, Yoram Sorokin2, Xiaoquan Wen3, Roger Pique-Regi1,2, Francesca Luca1,2

(1 – Center for Molecular Medicine and Genetics, Wayne State University, 2-Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Wayne State University, 3-Department of Biostatistics, University of Michigan)


  • Deep Learning Models for Detecting Metastatic Cancer from Images

Author: Ilyas Ustun

(Department of Civil Engineering, Wayne State University)



  • Deciphering the Transcriptional Signatures of Psychosocial Experiences and their Genetic Interactions in Asthma

Authors : Justyna A. Resztak1, Allison K. Farrell2, Henriette E. Mair-Meijers1, Adnan Alazizi1, Samuele Zilioli2, Roger Pique-Regi1, Richard B. Slatcher2, Francesca Luca

(1-Center for Molecular Medicine and Genetics, 2 – Department of Psychology, Wayne State University)


  • An Efficient Scheduling Framework for Big Data Analytics in HPC Clusters

Authors: Baraa Ali , Nabil Sarhan

(Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering , Wayne State University)

Big Data & Analytics Research Poster Session

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This 2-day event was designed to attract an audience of decision-makers from IT, product development, manufacturing, marketing, and supply chain divisions, primarily from the Midwest. We encourage participation from a range of industries, including manufacturing, automotive, banking, finance, insurance, health care and governmental sectors.

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